Where do we fly?

We mostly fly around Ljubljana although other areas in Slovenia are suitable for flying with hot air balloon as well. Flight outside Ljubljana area possible for two ore more passengers. No discounts are possible for those flights.

How many passenger are in the basket?

We think that our guests get best experience in smaller groups where there is only 3 to 4 persons in the basket. We can dedicate all our attention to each one individually.

How safe it is?

Hot air balloon is one of the safest mean of flying. In our company we do pay special attention to maintenance of our equipment and training of the pilots and the crew.

Which time of year is best for flying?

Flying with hot air balloon is unique experience all around the year. In spring the nature is waking up with vivid green colours, in summer the fields are full of crops, in autumn we see all sorts of reds and yellows in the forest and in winter crisp white of frost and snow gives special feeling.

How long does the flight last?

The flight itself lasts about one hour. All together all activities take about three hours.
After the landing we have to pack everything up and then the traditional balloon baptism is in order which is finished with a glass of sparkling wine.

What should I wear?

We take off and land on fields and sometimes you have to walk through the grass few meters so waterproof footwear is best. You should dress as you would for a one hour walk outside. A hat or cap is helpful to protect your head from the heat of the burner.

Who can fly?

Balloon flight is suitable for almost everyone. Children should be tall enough to see over the edge of the basket, about 110 cm. They can fly accompanied by at least one of their parents. We have to pay special attention with younger kids since they get bored very fast and one hour flight can be to much for them. Children younger than 5 should are to young for flight.

Can I bring my camera?

Most of our guest like to document flight with photo or video camera. For such device there is always enough space in the basket.
You should store away the expensive equipment during take off and especially landing to prevent damaging it.
We can also film our flight with our camera.